The Top Popular Paddle

  1. Two pieces aluminum black anodized shaft
  2. Angle adjustable
  3. Blade size: 44*18cm
  4. Length: 220cm
  5. Total weight: 950g

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Category: Paddles

  1. Recreational carton fiber paddle
  2. Quality carbon weave material.
  3. Blade area 625cm2
  4. Total weight 660g +/- 30g
Category: Paddles

Sporting carbon fiber paddle

  1. proprietary performance core and carbon weave material
  2. Balde area : 685cm2
  3. Lightweight paddles : 670g +/- 35g


Category: Paddles

Plastic Glass fiber  paddle

  1. Blade size: 44.00*18.00cm
  2. Blade material: Plastic+ glass fiber
  3. Shaft: Glass fiber reinforced plastics
  4. Total weight: 900g+/- 20g
Category: Paddles