Tandem Kayaks


Double Bri.Yak

  1. Perfect vehicle for family fun on the water.
  2. Seats two adults 2+1


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Single Kayaks

  1. Carola 270*77*26cm
  2. Perfect for day trips.
  3. Mid-boat molded-in handles


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Angler Kayaks


Kingfisher Angler

  1. The ultimate fishing kayaks.
  2. Designed with angler in mind.
  3. Comfort hybrid seat back.


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Sit in kayaks

  1.  Ecnomic tooling cost 
  2. Weight reduction-compared to most of other metal 

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Fishing Ambition


Ambition Angler

  1. Bow and center 8" seal hatches
  2. Mid-boat molded-in handles
  3. The must popular single kayak


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Fishing Bri.Yak

Bri.Yak Angler

  1. Molded-in handles
  2. considerable space for storage

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