How about adding a trolling motor on the kayak?


Pioneer Kayak has been adding more fishing accessories to fit customers’ need.On 5 March 2014,we take 3 models of kayaks to the pool ,and install the trolling motors at different positions to test the feasibility.Sometimes people would be tired of paddling,especially after they fish. With the trolling motor,the paddlers could relax at any time.You can control the direction and speed by it.

It’s really a good performance to save strength and go fast.


Pioneer Kayak attended China (Yantai) Fishing tools Show on 9-11th May 2014.

There are more than 400 companies on the show,include the well known brands of fishing gears and boats.The roto molded fishing kayaks attracted many buyers to inquire.Good news that a buyer decided to order a container on the spot.